Real Talk...

I've been an entrepreneur for 25 years and a content marketing coach for 10 years.

If you want to ditch the 💪 “bro-marketing” methodologies that are often taught, I’m happy to help you lean into content marketing that aims to please without making you feel like a sleaze. 🤮

If you’re an entrepreneur mom like myself, even if you’re confident and gutsy, you might still be turned off by some of the marketing and sales advice that’s out there.  I get that.  You’re not alone.

Plus, content marketing today involves navigating a delicate balance between the 😁 humans who enjoy content and the 🤖 algorithms that serve them up. on every platform. 

You may wonder how to reach the right people with your content marketing in an ethical and tasteful way, that’s fun and effective, yet also getting the sales conversions necessary for your biz to stay profitable.

But that’s my speciality:  I teach content marketing for conversions.  

And that type of marketing involves nothing shady, I promise you.  I’ve been a lawyer in New York State since 1998 (my practice has been closed to new clients since December 2016).  In the past I’ve represented the interests of Rockefeller Center and the AriZona Beverage Brand. 

So, an honest attorney need not be an oxymoron.  And I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 25 years now, everything from eBay flipper and DJ (I kid you not) to a solo practicitioner with a law office of my own, to being a business coach since 2013.  You’ve come to the right place; you’re in the right hands.  

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Tired Of Getting No Results With Content Marketing?

My marketing technique in the past has always been very much like cooking pasta ... throwing things at the wall and hoping for the best! I'm so excited to finally have a proven system with step by step instructions to follow so I can finally start to build a proper community of followers who love what I do.
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Leanne Shough
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It's totally possible to have a successful business grown via organic content marketing...without selling your soul, losing your integrity or feeling pushy and gross about selling to your brand-based community. Let me show you how.

😁 Make The Humans Happy

Entrepreneurs get paid to solve problems.  When you come from a place of service and that’s made clear, one piece of content at a time, your ideal customer is going to feel that on a very cellular level and will be happy to join your brand-based community and know, like and trust you.

🤖 Make The Algorithms Happy

The algorithms on every platform crawl your content for data, not just from how you objectively optimize your content, but what’s in the content subjectively itself, too.  If you make the humans happy and the algorithms “get” who your content is for, more people will see you in their feeds.

My Charming Content Marketing Method Has You Feeling Good About Marketing While Your Ideal Customer Feels Good About Buying From You (So Everyone Wins).

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