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Lots Of Happy Customers!

Because of Stacey Storino's teachings, my sales have increased 646% on Etsy for my products-based business and 250% for my massage business. *** Stacey's energy and enthusiasm is amazing.
Dawna Huslander Head Shot
Dawna Huslander
Transformational Healing By Dawna
Crystal Shop Owner, Coach
I knew from the previous courses I took with Stacey [that her teachings are] full of very valuable content ... the lessons are going way more in depth than I ever expected ... we're driving deeper into knowing our ideal customer and how to truly speak to them and build real connections. Information that will help on Instagram and also every other platform.
Kate McMullen
Snowy Palms
I love [Stacey Storino]...as a six-figure seller with over 6,000 on my email list, [her teachings] keeps me organized and not overwhelmed.
Jacqueline Fatica Schuster
The Wicked Griffin
Working with Stacey, you get to the heart of the matter. Never has tough love been so sweet [as I launched my business in 2017]!
Lisa Zawrotny
Positivitly Productive Systems
After going through a few courses with her, I know that what I am going to get will be practical and immediately applicable. I know the value Stacey packs into her offerings is amazing.
Shayne Russell Head Shot
Shayne Russell
Extra Mile Art
I needed to stop and pick my jaw up off my lap. I now know 100% why I am a failure at sales. This lesson right here [in one of Stacey's courses]. My brain does not create word magic like this. I can't even! WOW! Mic drop, Stacey Storino! I can't change the past, but I'm super excited to have Stacey by my side and learn everything I need to know [about social media marketing] and do this right going forward. Totally worth the investment!
Chrissy Stere Kihm Head Shot
Chrissy Stere Kihm
Milkman's Garage
[After Stacey's course] I posted a YouTube video ... it had 50 views in 2 days, which is a lot more than normal. I also gained 8 new subscribers. My other social media? My followers and my reach has increased!​
Oneka Benn Schwartz
Oneka Benn Schwartz
Design Pretty
My marketing technique in the past has always been very much like cooking pasta ... throwing things at the wall and hoping for the best! I'm so excited to finally have a proven system with step by step instructions to follow so I can finally start to build a proper community of followers who love what I do.
Leanne Shough Head Shot
Leanne Shough
Dorky Planner Girls
Hi, Stacey Storino. I just wanted to let you know I sent out my email and got four orders and an open rate of 25% (have a tiny email list of only 250 subscribers)! Also even before that, my sales are up as if it was the 4th quarter! This week I broke my weekly revenue record by a mile. Thank you so much, it would not have happened without you....
Liefke Pronk Head Shot
Liefke Pronk
Atelier Nymphea
Omg there is HOPE. I cleared revenue this week! Since implementing Stacey’s training this past week my business started to pick up. I warmed up my neglected email list, started pumping up ... posts and reached out to my VIP crew.... I’ve gotten 20 new email subscribers, more engagement on my FB page and a BUNCH of people contacting me just to chat.... 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you Stacey Storino, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m very grateful to be here to suck up your wisdom - I'm in maximum Stacey wisdom vacuuming mode!
Brie Francis Head Shot With Dog
Brie Francis
Snuffles & Tugs
Since starting following Stacey's trainings, my business has been transformed. My sales have doubled, my email list has gone from practically nothing to constantly growing, my followers have increased on every platform and those followers are engaging on everything I post. I've even found an amazing, supportive group of knowledgable business owners that take everything that Stacey puts out that I'm proud to be a part of. If you are considering buying anything that Stacey does, do it - you are practically guaranteeing your business success as long as follow her training. I can't thank her enough for everything she has done for my business and the growth I've already experienced and will keep experiencing.
Andrew George
APG Personalised
October and November are normally my slowest months online. This year was the best sales ever! [Stacey Storino's training] is helpful. The courses are worth way more than the financial investment.
Jan Tetsutani
Jan Tetsutani Art
Finished a session with [Stacey Storino] and I mentally feel like I went through a CrossFit session. My business is thriving! Coach Stacey all the way!
Melissa Pikul Head Shot
Melissa Pikul
Metals And Pieces
Stacey Storino really goes above and beyond and I have never regretted anything that [she and her team] put out... My Facebook Page views went up 37%, my Facebook Group engagement is up 20% [all organically]. And my email list keeps growing....
Stephanie Jarrad Jones picture, with peace sign
Stephanie Jarrad Jones
The Elegant Blossom
Her trainings are worth every penny! Clear teaching, step by step, easy to learn.
Bonnie McCann
Because of Stacey and her mad tips, I am up 1746% in revenue in the last 30 days.... It's ridiculous how changing our ways can really be efficient. DO WHAT SHE SAYS PEOPLE!
Vero Gratton
Pure Era Co.
Thanks so much Stacey! I binge watched the entire course yesterday and just couldn't pull myself away!! Stacey is a natural speaker and teacher. I have so many ideas and things to research. THANK YOU!
Kristen Randall
Kristen Randall
Creatively Cluttered
Stacey is so encouraging! Her "Sell IRL [In Real Life] stuff rocks! *** Is there a way to just automatically give you my money, er, I mean, sign up every month?
Bridgit Lawson
Personal Space Creations
Stacey is one of the two business coaches that I listen to for my business. She has "been there and done that" and has been successful. I want to learn from someone that has the experience that she is teaching, not someone who hasn't lived the experience. Stacey always over-gives more than what we are expecting. With the 30 day money back guarantee, you have the opportunity to check it out. What have you got to lose?
Julie McKenzie Brooks Head Shot In Front Of A Quilt
Julie McKenzie Brooks
Hand Dyes By Jules | Stuido Jules Art
Stacey delivers...like, triplets!
Madeline Pendergrass
Wire & Fire Jewelry
Stacey Storino, you're the bee's knees!😍
Ruth Rau
Mouse Loves Pig (Featured In Pregnancy & Newborn, Inc.)
I really appreciate how real and relevant the information (and presentations) are. The examples from [Stacey's] business are great and are really helping me to think bigger.
Tahmi DeSchepper Head Shot
Tahmi DeSchepper

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