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Since Stacey's Been A Coach Since 2013...She's Got:

EVEN MORE Happy Customers!

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Because of my following Stacey's teachings, sales have gone up in my Etsy shop 423%.
Elizabeth Mceacheron Head Shot
Elizabeth Mceachron
E.H. Applique Embroidery
I'm into [one of Stacey's courses] and I'm learning so much. Stacey is very informative and breaks everything down in an easy way to understand. Totally worth the money....
Valerie Raborn Head Shot
Valerie Raborn
Awesome Wax Works
This covid-19 stuff had me paralyzed. I didn't post anything for 2 weeks, sent no emails out, NOTHING. I've been in quarantined at home with 5 kids. And then I decided to take [one of Stacey's classes]. I have a real marketing plan for the rest of the month & a sale planned. I completed a photo shoot with the new product collection and edited them. I created a pdf guide (I've never done that before) to go along with the launch and I'm working on emails and a new email capture form. Stacey Storino thank you for helping me find my focus.
Julie Denbo Head Shot With Husband
Julie Denbo
Flora Skinlab
I followed Stacey Storino's trainings and directly have followers for my new business' [Facebook] Page. Stacey Storino, you are full of energy and it is contagious; your courses are worth every penny.
Jocelyne H. Habib Head Shot
Jocelyne H. Habib
Viva Lingua
Stacey is amazing! I have 40% to 60% [open rates on my emails] with anywhere up to 25% clicks [click-through rates].
Betty Manners Bolerjack Head Shot
Betty Manners Bolerjack
Sweet Iris Studio
Stacey is one of the two business coaches that I listen to for my business. She has "been there and done that" and has been successful. I want to learn from someone that has the experience that she is teaching, not someone who hasn't lived the experience. Stacey always over-gives more than what we are expecting.
Julie McKenzie Brooks
Julie McKenzie Brooks
Hand Dyes By Jules | Jules Studio Art
January 2020 I made more money [with my business] than I did ALL of 2019...something good is happening here. Thanks Stacey!
Rebekah Moorehead Head Shot With Husband
Rebekah Moorehead
Cherish Bath And Body
When you show your target audience love they give you gifts 😍😍😍 Our peplum was featured in a kid's magazine. Thank you, Stacey Storino!
Rodriguez Gabriella With Female Friend
Rodriguez Gabriella
Grimaldi Design
...HOLY COW! Trust Stacey Storino! This is an amaycray training at a great price! [Her teachings] brought me higher engagement and increased my email list by 14%!
Brandi Bobb
Chickadee Jewelry
[Because of Stacey's trainings] I've been posting almost daily on Facebook and as a result, my reach has increased, engagement has increased, and traffic to website has increased.
Susan Stanger One Tree Head Shot
Susan Stanger
One Tree Studio
Stacey Storino's trainings are so worth it!
Katherine Maldonado
Purserverance Handcrafted Handbags
Love you Stacey and appreciate all that you do for us. What a goldmine!
Sally Hoffman Head Shot In Plane Cockpit
Sally Hoffman
Sally Hoffman Designs
I'm loving Stacey's trainings ... I find them so helpful and motivating. Thank you!
Carmen Mae The Magnet Maiden Head Shot
Carmen Mae
The Magnet Maiden
I'm so happy I found you and I want to take all of your classes, Stacey!
Jan Salitro Head Shot
Jan Salitro
Mermaids And Cashmere
I just binge watched and soooooo many ideas! Thank you, Stacey Storino!
Elizabeth Ruth
The Ruthless Crafter
Yes! I have had a breakthrough with my niche!
Anita LaHay Head Shot
Anita LaHay
Blogger, Daydreams of Quilts

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